Active Mapping

Build & Update Your Master Utility Map With Every Project

Whereas most utility locators simply locate the utilities for your project and leave, here at Blew we see the value of having a constant flow of new data as projects and plans are ever changing. We recommend all large-scale facilities inquire about our Active Mapping Program which allows you to build and update your master utility map with every project. This way with each new addition or growth to your facility you have a complete and accurate vision of the subsurface that can grow with you without having to start at square one.

How Blew & Associate’s Active Mapping Works

Whenever our private utility location teams are contacted for a locate, they compile all existing as-built date for your project and convert it into a digital format. Then this information is updated with field data to create an accurate and complete base map.

This base map can then be provided to the client and or stored here with us. Whenever a new project is to take place at the previously located site, Blew can then not only remark previously found utilities exactly as they were found before but also, update your existing utility map to include the newly installed infrastructure. By doing this cost to the client is minimized and accurate records are always on hand without having to relocate the same utilities multiple times.

Also, with each new utility install to a facility our private utility location teams can be on site not only to map the location but to use our survey grade data collectors to accurately show the depth of the pipe as it is placed.

This information can then be provided in an easy to use digital and geo-referenced format to maintenance teams and construction managers so that it can be applied in the field on a daily basis.