Floor Flatness & Levelness

Insuring Floor Flatness & Levelness meet project and client standards is a crucial component not only during new slab construction but also can play a key role in site acquisition assessment and cost analysis for retrofits of existing buildings. Our Construction Services team at Blew is experienced in this processes and can provide detailed analysis on wet slabs during the construction process and existing slabs during design and planning stages.

New Construction

Speed and accuracy are critical to any construction project, but they are especially important when it comes to new slab construction. At Blew, our construction services team works hand in hand with contractors to preform on site, real time analysis with augmented reality for wet slabs to insure that they are meeting client specifications when they harden and help avoid costly resurfacing fees on new construction.

Design and Planning

When it comes to new site accusation and existing site retrofits, it is imperative that renovation costs are assessed properly prior to beginning construction. By providing detailed Slab Flatness & Levelness investigations, we allow our clients the ability to determine if an existing slab will meet their requirements as well as determine the cost to correct existing defects if it does not.

Construction Documentation

We understand construction sites are a fast paced and ever-changing environment. Because of this, documentation throughout the many phases leading up to the finished product is key. We can help by collecting complete project conditions at the completion of key phases and help guarantee that you don’t lose valuable information due to demolition, earthwork, or loss of visibility. We can also use this data to determine if components fall within plan specifications and tolerances so that needed corrections can occur before the final stages of construction.

This allows you to retain detailed and accurate 3D documentation of the location and condition of key elements such as structural components, plumbing and MEP equipment that will not be visible at the final stages of construction.

Construction Documentation Rendor OneConstruction Documentation Render Two

BIM Modeling

Regardless of if you are about to begin design on a project, or one has just been completed, our As-built Documentation services can provide everything from a 2D floor-plan to a complete 3D model of the finished construction and allow for easy plan generation and structural feature identification that can be used to test fit new designs or document deviations from plans.

The possibilities are endless. Please let us know how our Construction Services

department can help you increase efficiency and accuracy.