Renewable Energy

Providing Survey and Mapping Services to Wind and Solar Projects Nationwide

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), renewable projects will collectively increase to 49% of global electricity generation by 2050 and is expected to provide 30% of power generation by 2024. EIA forecast solar and wind energy will be the “fastest-growing source of electricity generation in 2020,” projecting the installation of 23.2 GW of new wind capacity and 12.6 GW of utility-scale solar capacity. There is, and will continue to be, huge demands for services related to energy and other markets that Blew provides to ensure our clients have a successful project.

With the optimistic forecasts from the numerous energy markets we serve, we strive to develop, expand, and diversify our service offerings to ensure that our clients receive the best support possible.

Years of Experience

With our years of experience and involvement of thousands of MW of development in the wind and solar markets across the country, Blew recognizes the complex nature of our clients’ projects. We offer comprehensive services including pre-design and GIS services that supports siting and constraint mapping,  land acquisition, title research, crossing exhibits, aerial mapping and high resolution LiDAR, ALTA/NSPS Land Title Surveys, construction staking, micro-siting, and as-built surveys.

As a premier provider of ALTA/NSPS Land Title Surveys, Blew has the experience and resources to support projects across the country. With a professional staff and field resources to maintain continuity on any given project, we work to deliver a quality product on schedule to satisfy REIT’s, developers, lenders, title companies, and attorneys while maintaining quality control measures through the life of the project.